The World University

The Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception Lessons

The first three lessons or books, as they are sometimes called, involve the study of karmic economics:  Lesson One—Law of Precipitation, Lesson Two—Law of Compensation, and Lesson Three—Law of Correspondence.  The reason for this, aside from the attainment of financial solvency, is the absolute necessity for each student to reconstruct his or her economic life in the divine pattern.  Unless this is done, you will be unable to influence the world’s economy in bringing about the new Planetary Order toward which you should be striving.  The overhaul of the world’s economy for the purpose of redirecting human effort into constructive spiritual channels is one of the major concerns of the Elder Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  No one can be considered an initiate in world service who is not committed to using his available resources for human upliftment under Hierarchical guidance.  The student is taught how the ancient world of Lemuria was once organized for insuring the universal prosperity of all, and how this happy condition will be returned once again when modern-day Lemurians create a material environment in terms of spiritual goals.  Money will be known as precipitated energy, useful in influencing the evolutionary process, thus ending for all time the misery and degradation which grows out of this vital component of human creativity.

The magic of tithing is fully explored, as well as the other “sacred dues” which yield economic stability in both the personal and collective life of the student.  Such fascinating subjects as the Cosmic Bank, Cosmic Keyboard, Akashic Record, and Karmic Balance, all play a part in determining how you stand in the ledger of life.  At the close of each lesson are presented simple exercises or techniques for helping you to become a dynamic factor in promoting the Plan for the New World, all of which will open new vistas of soul growth that will thrill and inspire.

Lesson FourLaw of Transmutation deals primarily with the human energy structure and how to keep these four tangible bodies — the physical, etheric, emotional, and mental — in perfect health so that you can become a true and effective world server within the guidance and protection of the Elder Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  The realization of achieving “the more abundant life”, as promised by the Galilean Master, even the conquest of death, has now become a distinct possibility.

Lesson FiveLaw of Initiation covers the philosophy and science of the union of matched souls in cosmic affinity. Each matched pair of complementary sexual polarity will become by this means a unit of consciousness for extending the will of God into the world. How this union can be affected for true happiness, true sexual compatibility, and true professional achievement will be at the core of this instruction.

Lesson SixLaw of Synthesis develops the concept of how humanity fell into the error of institutionalizing the state and the church.

Lesson SevenLaw of Liberation discusses the “Tabernacle in the Wilderness” and dramatizes how spiritual aspirants in the Lemurian period were encouraged to become initiates. This leads into an explanation of the Lemurian and Christian Mysteries, followed by the modern form of initiation known as the Theo-Christic, based upon the life of Jesus and the Christ.

In the next three lessons, Lesson Eight—Law of Equation, Lesson Nine—Law of Integration, and Lesson Ten—Law of Causation is found the history of the three great ages — the Lemurian, the Atlantean, and the Aryan. Both the value and the danger of the race concept are discussed.  A condensed history of the world, from the esoteric viewpoint, is presented.

The final three lessons, Lesson Eleven—Law of Reincarnation, Lesson Twelve—Law of Fulfillment, and Lesson Thirteen—Law of Cognition have a general religious theme, but the concepts are all esoterically interpreted.  The problems of pain, evil, and salvation are considered. The process of reincarnation from birth through physical, astral, and mental transition is revealed. The problem of human wickedness is defined and resolved.  Just how good and evil are reconciled under a Unified Divine Authority called God is one of the most provocative concepts in the entire study.

Lesson ThirteenLaw of Cognition is broadly a summation of the whole work, with a general overview of the science of the new esotericism.  Humankind’s ascent from probationary status to discipleship and finally mastership is fully explored.

The greatest study in the world is the science of the human person.  This instruction is such a study, designed exclusive­ly to reveal your full possibilities as a human being, and de­voted entirely to a consideration of your material and spiritual welfare, your history and destiny, and the perfection of your mind, body, and environment.

                                                                        ‑Dr. Howard John Zitko